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Nurses (RNs, DNPs, PhDs, NPs, LVNs, LPTs, CNAs), Physicians, Dietitians/Nutritionists, Social Workers, Respiratory Therapists, Physical Therapists and other clinicians. We offer custom, Academic and specialized Courses, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences all with accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education (CE) credits in 5, 10, 15 credit hour increments.

Be Well

Patients, Families and Caregivers (friends, family, home support team). We offer Patient Health Education to meet your ongoing healthcare needs, including: Hospital Discharge. After Surgery. Chronic Health Conditions (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis and others). Acute Care Illnesses (Pneumonia, Cold, Flu, COVID-19 and others). And, specialized Patient Health Education to help you with your Health Self-Management, Medication Management, Symptom Management and Mental Health Management needs.


Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Incubators. We offer the Space and Expertise for you and your team to Innovate New Ideas, Incubate Start-Up Businesses, and Connect with Experts in Innovation and Advanced Technology, Serial Entrepreneurship, Patents, Startup Incubation, Venture Capitalists, Strategy and Exit; for every stage of your Innovation and Start-Up needs.

Build your Knowledge, Skills and Clinical Expertise at B.W. Healthcare Education!

Develop your Wellness Plan with tools on Health Self-Management at B.W. Healthcare Education!

B.W. Healthcare Education, Research & Innovation HUB, Inc. is your Partner in Continuing Medical Education, Patient Health Education, Innovation & Research Science and a resource for your Academic and Clinical Practice Learning needs!

Our Services

Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.)

Highly sought after experts deliver cutting-edge CME courses, workshops, seminars and conferences to individuals, medical groups, healthcare organizations, medical schools, academic institutions and professional organizations.

Continuing Education (C.E.)

Innovative C.E. courses, workshops, seminars and conferences delivered to individuals, groups, healthcare organizations, nursing schools, academic instituions and professsional organizations.

Patient-and-Family Health Education

Patient Health Education courses and workshops are delivered to patients, families and caregivers. These courses and workshops deliver content that support improvement of health conditions, family and caregiver needs, and improved patient health outcomes.

Start-Up Incubation & Innovation Acceleration

For entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators, we deliver highly sought after courses, faciltators, space for incubation and innovation acceleration, and consulting that will move your idea, business plan, product/service and venture pitch and presentation deck into the next phase of design and development. Our goal is to support your progress, funding acquisition, go-to-market strategy!

We Don’t Just Care About Teaching

We care about your learning. We care about your health. We care about your innovation & startup goals.

Clinicians & Students

BWH is a resource for Nurses, Physicians and other Clinicians in their pursuit of Knowledge, Skills and Competency that meet CME/CE requirements and desired learning outcomes.

Patients & Caregivers

BWH is a resource for individuals with a chronic health condition; and caregivers providing care to a parent, spouse/partner, or other adult loved one’s health care needs.

Educators & Innovators

Capability to Scale Nationally with Existing State Accreditations. BWH boasts MD, RN, PhD Leading Experts in Clinical Practice, Academia, and Patient Care who are available to partner in your learning.

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