About Us

Barrett-Williams (B.W.) Healthcare Education, Research & Innovation HUB, Inc. (B.W. Healthcare Education) was founded July 2019 by Dr. Michelle Y. (Barrett) Williams, PhD, MSN, RN, President and Chief Executive Officer. B.W. Healthcare Education is the culmination of Dr. Williams’ 35+ years of experience in healthcare and nursing, academia, technology innovation and entrepreneurship, and research!

In July 2019, having retired from Kaiser Permanente, after 30 years of service, Dr. Williams and her husband, Michael Williams, found and leased space in Martinez, CA to start B.W. Healthcare Education—anticipating and planning to launch their business in November 2019. But, heading into 2020, fate happened! The novel coronavirus halted life as the world knew it—upending lives, businesses and economies across the globe. B.W. Healthcare Education, like so many others, stopped before it started. With 2021, B.W. Healthcare Education has steadily marched forth with renewed dedication and zeal—seizing hope, perseverance and resilience—for the work ahead to support clinicians, patients and entrepreneurs in their learning needs, be-well health goals, and innovation endeavors!

Our Mission


We Offer Cutting-Edge Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education (CE) courses, workshops, seminars and conferences to nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, social workers and other clinicians.

Be Well

We Offer Health Education courses to patients, families and caregivers to empower them to build their Healthcare Self-Management knowledge and skills, for improved management of healthcare needs, including acute and chronic conditions, medications and treatments, and care needs after hospitalization, surgery and other procedures, and to improve health outcomes and quality of life.


We Offer Innovation, Incubation Space and Expert Consultants to innovators, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses to accelerate their Ideas, Start-Ups by accessing technology-enabled, innovation space fully-equipped with Tools and Expertise in Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Patents and Intellectual Property, Go-to-Market Strategy among other resources.

Our Vision is Simple!

To bring the best in…

…continuing education to every nurse, physician, clinician and student.

…health and wellness education to every patient, family and caregiver.

…innovation and incubation to every innovator, start-up and entrepreneur.

History & Start-Up

The Foundation of B.W. Healthcare Education
  • Dr. Williams’ background in healthcare and entrepreneurship is derived from her grandparents, Eddie Ford Barrett, Sr., a WWI Army Veteran, dedicated husband and father, and a successful engineer, and Mary Barrett, an original Rosie-the-Riveter who served our country at the Richmond, CA shipyards and later as a farmer in California’s Central Valley. Both inspired Dr. Williams to work hard, contribute to important causes, and serve humanity!
  • Dr. Williams’ was further inspired by her parents, Eddie Ford Barrett, Jr., a WWII Army Veteran, post-war Architect and General Building Contractor, and Charlene Barrett, Stay-at-Home Mom and Respiratory Therapist. Together, her parents, raised Dr. Williams and her three brothers and two sisters in the San Francisco East Bay in Northern California, in late 1950’s – 1980s, a period in history with both triumphs and challenges.
  • Dr. Williams spent her summers observing her father’s businesses, where she learned to manage finances, lead and direct teams, work hard, build from the ground up, create vision and apply strategy to a project, business and life! Dr. Williams’ mother taught her the value of personal development, building knowledge, being skilled and competent, and pursuing thoughtful, well-established personal, academic and life goals—these lessons enabled Dr. Williams to develop as a Registered Nurse, Healthcare Leader, Entrepreneur and Academician—which built her passion and dedication to providing care, education, and leadership support to clinicians, patients and families, and society!
The Early Business Case for B.W. Healthcare Education
  • Upon completing Nursing School, Dr. Williams worked in Mental Health Nursing at a California State Hospital, County Hospital and in Forensic Psychiatry in California Prisons and Jails. These experiences taught Dr. Williams the importance of understanding, valuing and respecting people, including their individuality, culture, and the nursing care and support they needed.
  • From there, Dr. Williams quickly moved into healthcare leadership, organizational systems assessment, turnaround of troubled systems, hospital-level program development (start-up); and later, large-scale healthcare systems turnaround, development and strategy (regional and national).
The Rest is History!

Building on her heritage, personal and professional experiences, Dr. Williams took on more leadership, academic, and strategic positons, including:

Kaiser Permanente

  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Director of Technology Innovation nationally

Mental Health: Psychiatric Nursing & Leadership

  • Director of Emergency Psychiatric Nursing Services, ACMC Emergency Department
  • Director of Nursing Services, Telecare, Inc.
  • Director of Nursing Services, Golden State Healthcare, Inc.

Research & Clinical Trials

  • Founder & Director of Off-Campus Clinical Trials Research Clinics, UC San Francisco, General Clinical Research Center at Highland General Hospital & Summit Health Care, Oakland, CA

Veteran’s Affairs, California State University & Samuel Merritt University

  • Academic Affiliations and Clinical Placement Coordinator and Director of the Post-Baccalaureate Registered Nurse Residency and Transition to Practice Programs at the Veteran’s Administration Health Care System
  • Assistant Professor (BSN, MSN, FNP Programs) and Director of Nursing Simulation at Holy Names University, Oakland, CA
  • Assistant Professor of Nursing (RN-BSN, BSN, Second Degree BSN Programs) at California State University, East Bay and Stanislaus
  • Assistant Professor of Nursing (Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program) at Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA

Stanford Health Care & Stanford University School of Medicine

  • Executive Director, Research and Clinical Trials Operations, Nurse Executive Team, Stanford Health Care
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Primary Care and Population Health, Stanford University School of Medicine

In July 2019, having retired from Kaiser Permanente, after 30 years of service, Dr. Williams and her husband, Michael Williams, found and leased space in Martinez, CA to start B.W. Healthcare Education—anticipating and planning to launch their business in November 2019. But, heading into 2020, fate happened! The novel coronavirus halted life as the world knew it—upending lives, businesses and economies across the globe. B.W. Healthcare Education, like so many others, stopped before it started. With 2021, B.W. Healthcare Education has steadily marched forth with renewed dedication and zeal—seizing hope, perseverance and resilience—for the work ahead to support clinicians, patients and entrepreneurs in their learning needs, be-well health goals, and innovation endeavors!

Our People

Dr. Michelle Y. Williams, Ph.D., MSN, RN
Dr. Michelle Y. Williams, Ph.D., MSN, RN

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Michelle Y. Williams, Ph.D., MSN, RN is the President & Chief Executive Officer of B.W. Healthcare Education, Research & Innovation HUB, Inc., a business she conceived over the past two decades. Dr. Williams’ 30+ years in healthcare, nursing and executive, operational leadership and research, overlapping 15 years in academia teaching undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, her dedication to patient-and-family health and wellness, in addition to her vast experience in technology strategy, research and innovation nationally at Kaiser Permanente, is the underpinning of this business endeavor!

Dr. Williams is the Executive Director of Research for Patient Care Services and Nursing at Stanford Health Care, where she and her team, along with fellow faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine, support COVID-19 clinical trials research programs. Also, in this role, during her first year, Williams restructured clinical trials operations and nurse and research scientist services, to enhance patient experience, principal investigator and study team collaboration, frontline nursing practice and patient care delivery. Dr. Williams is a member of the Stanford Medicine health equity committee, founding member of the Stanford Health Care chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, International. 

In March 2021, Dr. Williams was appointed by the Stanford Health Care President & CEO to serve as Chair of the Black Employee Resource Group (BEAM TEAM). Along with the BEAM TEAM Co-Chair, program and project leaders, Dr. Williams launched a novel Design Thinking Program and a workshop series on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Dr. Christi Zuber, PhD, RN of Aspen Labs, Inc., and Dr. Brandon Taylor, Ed.D. of the California State University, Fresno, respectively. The intent of these two, distinctive programs has been to provide opportunities for frontline employees to engage in a broader discussion about building community across organizations using an inclusive lens. Furthermore, with the intention of expanding opportunities to conduct health equity research with a national partner, Dr. Williams, inaugural Vice President, conceived, developed, and led the launch of Stanford Medicine’s Black Nurses Association Chapter of the National Black Nurses Association, which was inducted into the National Black Nurses Association in August 2021 at the annual NBNA conference. 

Dr. Williams served at Kaiser Permanente for just under 30 years in a variety of roles, including chief nursing officer and director of maternal child health, director of nursing administration and operations, director of quality assurance performance improvement, director of nursing academic and grant-funded programs, regional senior health plan director, and national director of technology innovation and research. In her role as technology innovation, Dr. Williams was responsible for the technology innovation strategy on behalf of nursing and patient care services, where she served under Dr. Marilyn P. Chow, DNSc, RN, FAAN for over 7 years. Dr. Williams spearheaded the ideation, design, build, validation and launch of Kaiser’s Patient Room of the Future, which integrated interactive patient care technology, sensor-based technologies to converge room awareness and improve patient safety, and clinician optics everywhere to mitigate blind spots in unseen data through predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, among other innovative technologies to mobilize digital health—to improve clinician practice and patient outcomes.

Dr. Williams also partnered with clinicians and leaders across Kaiser Permanente to envision, develop the Telehealth and Telemedicine strategy and many other programs across the continuum of care. Dr. Williams was an integral part of the Innovation & Advanced Technology (IAT) national organization at Kaiser. In that role, she worked closely with members of her current team at B.W. Healthcare Education, to develop new programs and services to support clinical practice and patient care delivery. During her tenure in IAT, Dr. Williams partnered with the Innovation Consultancy, led by Dr. Christi Zuber, the Innovation Learning Network, led by Christopher McCarthy, and the Sidney R. Garfield Healthcare Innovation Center, led by Jennifer Liebermann, in a collective effort to bring a culture of innovation to Kaiser Permanente enterprise wide. In addition, 

Dr. Williams collaborated with Dr. Christi Zuber, Laura Kusumoto, Dr. Marilyn P. Chow, and others to examine a virtual world / virtual reality technology product, in a side-by-side comparison with clinical simulation technology to discover their relative efficacy in clinician and nursing education. Williams also partnered with Dr. Maarten Sierhuis, who holds a PhD in artificial intelligence (AI), in the design and testing of a digital hospital embedded with AI, which was based on Dr. Williams’ Hospital of the Future original research. The digital hospital was fully equipped with nursing units, nurses, medical doctors, patients, and family members; and a host of scenarios that were used to gain an understanding of how best to use lean methodology to improve healthcare and hospital systems, processes, and outcomes.

Early in her nursing and leadership career, Dr. Williams partnered with the Alameda County Medical Center (Alameda Health System) Medical Director and the University of California, San Francisco’s General Clinical Research Center, under the leadership of Dr. Curtis Morris and Dr. Anthony Sebastian, in the conception, build and launch of the off-campus Clinical Trials Research Clinical and Hypertension Specialty Clinic, both to support essential hypertension and osteoporosis research being conducted by the university. The clinical trials footprint expanded to the then, Summit Medical Center on “Pill Hill,” a concentrated medical community in downtown Oakland, CA. Dr. Williams led this expansion and managed both research clinics throughout the studies. Additionally, most her 18+ year tenure at the Alameda County Medical Center was spent in mental health, spanning adult, forensic and emergency psychiatry, and culminating as the creator of a mental health emergency unit in the medical emergency, trauma unit. She worked closely with the hospital and mental health leadership to create the space, policies and procedures and strategy. The service ran for approximately two years, after which Williams led its integration into emergency medicine and nursing practice in the emergency department—where it remains to this day!

Williams earned her bachelors (BSN) and master’s (MSN in nursing administration) degrees in Nursing at Holy Names University, California, and her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing Science at the University of Wisconsin. Her doctoral dissertation was a secondary analysis of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Williams holds dual appointments at Stanford University School of Medicine; Assistant Clinical Professor, and Executive Director of Nursing Research, both in the Department of Medicine’s, Division of Primary Care and Population Health. Williams also holds Assistant Professor faculty appointments in the School of Nursing at the California State University, East Bay, and at Holy Names University.

Dr. Williams is a California native, lives in Northern California with her husband, Michael; sons, Murphy, and Michael; and zooms with her daughter, Tiffany, and son-in-law, Jeremy, who reside on the east coast. In her free time, Michelle enjoys poetry, writing, playing with her grandchildren and spending time hiking, golfing, biking, and watching epic films with her husband.

Dr. Yan Chow, MD, MBA
Dr. Yan Chow, MD, MBA

Advisor, Medicine Practice

Dr. Yan Chow, MD, MBA is the Global Industry Leader for Healthcare at Automation Anywhere, a leader in the field of robotic process automation (RPA). RPA automates manual, repetitive, rules-based tasks and can leverage natural language processing and machine learning.

Until recently, Dr. Chow was Medical Director for Digital Medicine in the Translational Medicine group at Amgen, the world’s largest independent biotechnology company, where he led digital medicine efforts involving digital biomarkers, wearable sensors, and virtual trials. Prior to that, Dr. Chow was Chief Innovation Officer at LongView Technology Solutions, which provides healthcare consulting services to federal agencies and health IT contractors. Until 2014, Dr. Chow was the national Director of the Innovation & Advanced Technology Group (IAT) at Kaiser Permanente, the largest private integrated care delivery system in the nation. IAT assessed over 2,000 new and emerging clinical information technologies and administered a substantial innovation grant program.

IAT is affiliated with KP’s Garfield Innovation Center, an award-winning care delivery simulation laboratory that received over 55,000 visitors, including high-level delegations from 43 countries, in its first 8 years of operation. 

Dr. Chow has founded and advised a number of startups, including a venture-funded startup in NLP analytics. He has 3 U.S. patents and has been an author and invited speaker.

Dr. Chow earned his A.B. with honors from Harvard University and his M.D. from UC San Diego. In 2005 he received his MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas Business School.

Michael C. Williams, MA, BA
Michael C. Williams, MA, BA

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Michael C. Williams, MA, BA, has 25+ years in architectural, construction, engineering, and facilities project and program management roles in the business, education, government, and healthcare industries. He has broad experience with designing, planning, developing, constructing, estimating, and activating new and existing capital and construction projects in a variety of contexts and settings, as well as a wide variety of project types. He also has extensive work experience navigating building codes and regulations such as UBC, ADA, Title 24, OSHA, and some OSHPD.

Mr. Williams served as the acting director of the Port Authority, capital projects manager and senior redevelopment project manager, during his 15-year tenure at the City of Richmond, CA. A principal in Facilities and Project Management at the University of California, Los Angeles, Williams was responsible for an extensive portfolio, including restructuring the subterranean tunnel system underneath the university’s vast footprint, building a compressed natural gas station for the university’s transportation fleet, and designing a ground up structure to serve two burgeoning departments requiring on-campus presence. During his 16-year stint at Stephen Comerford Constructors (SRC), Williams’ book of business spanned industries and included redesigning the award-winning architecture of the Pasadena, CA Polytechnic High School’s science classroom.

Along with his wife, Mr. Williams is principal founder and owner of B.W. Healthcare Education, Research & Innovation HUB, Inc., a business conceived almost two decades ago, which he assisted in its visioning and launch to support clinician education, patient health promotion, design and innovation—Michelle’s lifelong mission!

Michael, originally from Denver, Colorado, lives in Northern California with his wife, Michelle, two sons, Murphy, a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Michael, a junior in college in Ohio. Williams holds a bachelor of arts degree from Bishop College, Dallas, Texas, and a master of arts degree from BIOLA University in Southern California. When not working, Michael enjoys time with family, camping, bicycling and deep studies of world history, biblical apologetics and community service dedicated to unhoused persons.

Tori Houston
Tori Houston

Operations Director

Tori Houston is an accomplished East Bay business professional who has spent the past 17 years in the hospitality and restaurant industries; gaining success in the launch of novel restaurant concepts as an instructor and supervisor. 

Inspired by the healthcare industry and her own spiritual journey, Ms. Houston has refocused her goals on an early passion of caring for mothers and their newborns. She is a certified postpartum Doula and is in college working towards completing nursing school, while on a broader mission to become a Registered Nurse Midwife. 

In her Operations Director role at B.W. Healthcare Education, Research and Innovation Hub, Ms. Houston will be onsite providing customer support, operational oversight, and assistance with space rentals (Media Studio, Meetings and Business Office, Education and Classroom, Student Spaces and Open-Patio). She will also provide customer guidance with registrations for: Continuing Education (CE), Continuing Medical Education (CME) Courses, and Patient and Family Health Education Courses, among other areas of support. 

Tori is very active and loves being outdoors. She enjoys surfing with her husband and picking flowers with her four-year-old daughter and 16-year-old sister

Our Advisors

Dr. Sharon B. Hampton, Ph.D., MSN, RN
Dr. Sharon B. Hampton, Ph.D., MSN, RN

Advisor, Executive Nursing Leadership

Dr. Sharon B. Hampton, Ph.D., MSN, RN, is an accomplished nursing executive and an inspirational nurse leader. Dr. Hampton’s nursing career spans over 35 years where she served in various patient care service and leadership roles dedicated to nursing excellence at prestigious institutions such as Stanford University Medical Center, UC Davis Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, and MD Anderson Cancer Center (Texas). 

 Dr. Hampton is currently the Associate Chief Nursing Officer (ACNO) at Stanford Health Care in Palo Alto, CA.  Stanford Health Care is part of Stanford Medicine, a leading academic health system that includes the Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care, and Stanford Children’s Health – Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. In her role as the ACNO, Dr. Hampton is responsible for maintaining excellence in nursing practice as well as efficiency of nursing inpatient operations while overseeing greater than 1800 nursing caregivers across the organization.  Her work in creating and sustaining initiatives on evidence-based protocols for the reduction of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and hospital acquired conditions (HACs), helped to propel Stanford Health Care to Vizient recognition as a top performer in quality and safety. With Dr. Hampton’s guidance, Stanford Health Care had a 63% reduction in Central Line Associate Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI) in oncology and a 90% reduction in the cardiovascular intensive care with projected cost savings of $1.34M and $3M respectively. She facilitated a hospital acquired pressure injury reduction program which incorporated evidence-based practice as well as innovative technology with an 85% reduction over two-years and an estimated $2M annual savings.

Dr. Hampton is a Master Trainer for TeamSTEPPS, an evidence-based teamwork program aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals. She is a transformational and inclusive leader and as such, promotes personal and professional development and growth utilizing evidenced based leadership development models. She provides mentorship to informal and formal nursing leaders, nursing students and health service practitioners. She is a member of and participates on several organizations that promote leadership and leadership enhancement. Dr. Hampton is a Certified Caritas Coach® supporting behaviors and ways of being that have a positive, enduring influence on those whose lives are impacted by one’s presence. She uses the philosophy of Caring Science to lead Diversity, Inclusivity & Health Equity (IDHE) initiatives and to promote practice and health equity research at the bedside. She is guided by her vision to create a diverse and inclusive culture of fairness and respect that is safe and open, in which individuals feel included and valued and have a sense of belonging. Dr. Hampton embraces differences and strives to elevate the voice of the voiceless, allowing for creative approaches toward change and dynamic pathways toward health.

Dr. Hampton is the Co-Founder and served as the inaugural Chair of Stanford’s first Black Employee Resource Group (ERG) with the mission of promoting inclusion, diversity, and health equity for Stanford Medicine employees. Her vision-driven leadership ushered the historical milestone of having a Stanford Medicine Black Nurses Association chapter of the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA). The chapter was inducted in July of 2021 with Dr. Hampton serving as the founding chapter president of this prestigious organization, which aims to be the empowered professional voice of African American nurses around the world. Dr. Hampton is the Chair-elect for the National Association of Health Service Executives (NAHSE), Northern California chapter.  The mission of NAHSE is to promote the advancement and development of Black health care leaders and to elevating the quality of health care services rendered to minority and underserved communities. She is also a board and inaugural member of Stanford Medicine’s Sigma Theta Tau Chapter-Alpha Alpha Lambda, which seeks to develop nurse leaders anywhere to improve healthcare everywhere.  Dr. Hampton’s is an accomplished author with published works on implicit bias in health care. She has presented to local and national organizations on implicit bias and health outcomes and uses every opportunity to educate health professionals on their roles in perpetuating health inequity and their responsibility to promote health equity. 


Dr. Hampton earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science from Texas Woman’s University, a Master o Science in Nursing from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor of Nursing from San Jose State University.

Stacy Jain, BA, MA
Stacy Jain, BA, MA

Advisor, Strategy, Venture & Design

Ms. Stacy Jain, BA, MA is an experienced executive consultant with a demonstrated history of delivering large, complex healthcare systems and programs in the hospital & health care industry.  Stacy has led clinical and digital innovations for global health.  More recently she has helped to build a sustainable technology roadmap and business operational model in the retail health space in hopes to provide attainable, affordable and quality healthcare to the uninsured.  As a healthcare venture strategist, she provides intellectual investments to joint ventures by developing specific insights, strategies and assessing high-priority opportunities that would reimagine the delivery of healthcare. She is a healthcare advisor to investment portfolios by providing insights in startup tech solutions to enable patient engagement, improve provider workflows and transform care delivery.

She was the director of technology investment strategy, consulting and program delivery at Kaiser Permanente where she had established herself as an industry thought partner through her astounding history of executing large scale digital health transformation programs. She consistently delivered business values via her program delivery techniques along with her facilitative leadership style in building trusting partnerships across multi-disciplines.  Previously she was in project leadership roles with healthcare organizations such as Dignity Health and L.A. Care Health Plan. With more than 20+ years in defining, shaping and evolving the delivery of patient care, she has a relentless passion to stretch and advance digital healthcare.

Part of her other passion is to implement an agile transformation strategy to enable the business to quickly adapt, make investments at the right places and to improve speed to market while maintaining a productive work environment and a fun team culture.

Brian Birch, BA
Brian Birch, BA

Advisor, Technology & Innovation

Mr. Brian Birch, BA is a dynamic leader with a passion for strategy, innovation, and technology.   Proven technology and innovation expertise with over twenty years of experience.  Previous roles include Global Innovation Manager at AIG, Innovation Technology Strategist at Kaiser Permanente, and Enterprise Architect at Kaiser Permanente. Creating value starts with understanding the problem and the people involved.  Technologies are the building materials that enable the solution.

Combining strategy, design, and technology maximizes chances of success creating products and processes people want to use.  I have a compulsion for making a difference through collaboration, making people comfortable, listening to what they have to say, and turning what I hear into executable strategies. 

What excites me most is helping companies create business value.

Dr. Ruth Jayaprakash, DNP, MSN, RN
Dr. Ruth Jayaprakash, DNP, MSN, RN

Advisor, Nursing Practice

Dr. Ruth Jayaprakash, DNP, RN is a credentialed consultant with a broad range of work experience at large teaching healthcare systems across the world. She serves as Board Member of a leading Educational University in California. Jayaprakash’s alma mater is a world-renowned organization “CMC” or Christian Medical College, Vellore India. Jayaprakash holds a doctorate degree in Nursing Practice from Capella University, Minneapolis, US, and a certificate in Healthcare Modeling and Simulation from the US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

Dr. Jayaprakash’s accomplishments include establishment of a College of Nursing with a BSN program in Coimbatore, India. She served as a faculty, and head of the department at Muscat Nursing University, Muscat, Oman. Dr. Jayaprakash contributed to the Duke University, University o California Los Angeles, and University of North Carolina healthcare systems through innovative patient care technologies, among their electronic medical records. She has received honorable mention for resolving tough nursing practice and patient care problems by investigating and implementing new standards of practice and quality care, including a conditioned call, insulin meal coordination, and relationship models of care. Dr. Jayaprakash’s commitment to patient care and creating effective educational programs won Jayaprakash professional acclaim, and improved practice and patient outcomes.

As Clinical Director, Dr. Jayaprakash provided strategic direction for Medical and Surgical Departments while obtaining accreditation through Joint Commission for Advanced Inpatient Diabetes, Joint Commission Accreditation for Hip and Knee Replacement, and leading fall prevention, fragility fracture, and bariatric programs. Dr. Jayaprakash has worked on standardizing nursing practice, and one of her achievements was in standardizing nurse-physician communication.

In Jayaprakash’s current professional role, she initiated implementation of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies, the Donna Wright Model for Nursing Education, and served as an expert evaluator of the Nurse Residency program, which received accreditation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Furthermore, as Chair of a regional Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Committee, Dr. Jayaprakash is on a mission to hardwire EBP into standard nursing practice and is currently integrating an outcomes based education model into simulated education embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) as one of the technology innovations.

Dr. Jayaprakash lives in Northern California with Jayaprakash’s husband and two, adult children, and enjoys volunteering for important education, counseling and family support causes.

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