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B.W. Healthcare Education, Research & Innovation HUB, Inc. Offers Consulting, Education, Event Planning & Space Reservation Services to Nurses, Physicians, Academic Institutions, Patients, Caregivers, City Staff, Businesses, Communities, Healthcare Organizations and many others!

  • Care Anywhere Patients are demanding greater access to care where and when they want it.  Explore healthcare trends impacting your business and how you can adapt.
  • Post COVID-19 Healthcare Strategy The thought of returning to Pre COVID-19 conditions is becoming less plausible as business models have to pivot their responses to the pandemic that have influenced how consumers behave and expect. Learn about strategies healthcare organizations can implement to proactively assure consumers to safely return to healthcare settings, meet pent-up demands and drive growth following the pandemic and beyond.
  • Pandemic Innovation: A Primer for Clinicians The pandemic changed our lives forever, find out what innovations are likely to stay, how government regulations and policies changed, and how you can take advantage of these innovations.
  • The Rise of Telemedicine: ROI? Covid has accelerated the adoption of telehealth.  People of all ages have become familiar with virtual meetings to keep in contact with family and friends.  How can you adopt telehealth and what are some of the things you need to think about in adding telehealth to your practice?
  • Health Equity: What’s the Deal? Learn about social determinants of health and how economic stability, neighborhood, education, food, and community impact equity and how changes to any one of these factors can lead to improved health.
  • The Shift in Insurance Payor Mix: A New Trend? The continued shift from “sick care” model to value-based or wellness focused treatment remains top of mind for healthcare organizations. After last year’s blockbuster mergers, such as Aetna/CVS and Cigna/Express Scripts, the relationships between providers and payers will be more contentious during contract negotiations. Let’s uncover which incentives or alternative payment models in terms of payer mix and type of provider relationships needed to meet financial goals and quality measures.

Patient Health Education

  • COVID-19 101: Test, Diagnosis, Care Sorting through the science, research and politics: What’s the bottom line on – the COVID-19 Test and Diagnosis, and Treatment and Care!
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Navigating the COVID-19 vaccine maze can be challenging, what are the differences between vaccines manufacturers, what side effects should patients expect, what does recent evidence show regarding effectiveness.
  • Managing My Health There are many digital tools to help patients manage their health, from patient portal, to personal health records, to ubiquitous health monitoring apps.  Whatever the digital health solution may be, how are healthcare organizations leveraging these tools to take the complexity out of managing their health and increase patient engagements.

Family Caregiver Health Education

  • Caregiver Basics Are you caring for a spouse, child, friend? Learn the basics about caring for a loved one; including services, products and resources you can access; and, support for your respite needs!
  • Navigating the Healthcare Landscape Patients are becoming more empowered, and this is as it should be. However, health care systems are more complex than ever.  The best navigational tool for following the healthcare maze is education with personalized treatment plans, coverage and benefits information.
  • Hospital Discharge: Now What? Now What? “They” sent me home from the hospital with a bag of information! How in the world can I sort out my healthcare needs? Where can I get help to understand my medications, treatments?
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